Praise for Inky Path Writing Groups and Classes

“This group is unlike anything I have experienced. It has unleashed many words that needed a meadow to romp in without fear. Think about it.”

TERRI JACKSON, Writer & Photographer,  

“I am not a writer, I don’t consider myself one. Not to mention that walls of texts make me dizzy. But Cigdem’s writing groups completely changed my relationship with writing. For the first time in my life, I wrote with company. Some writers were beginners, like me, some well into their game. The ‘together’ aspect was a very different experience than a class. There were no lessons in this group, only prompts that made the stories race on the page. It was amazing to see how connections were made based on each other’s writing. Telling the truth with bravery became a ping pong—we helped each other dare more, reveal more, and be alive more. Writing as a group was an experience part writing, part healing, and part party. I am confident about my voice now when it comes to personal storytelling now. I am not afraid of writing anymore, and I even enjoy it. I am able to tackle larger pieces with a more critical eye, and I have become a better editor. Not only that, but I also decided that a memoir is in order soon, something that never crossed my mind before, ever. Also, one of Cigdem’s characteristics is her values. They run deep. Everything is thorough, well-crafted, and with a sense of completeness. As a facilitator, she complements her evoking writing with a gentle presence, fluff-free.”

MONICKA CLIO SAKKI, Artist, Writer & Creativity Mentor,

“This class is a great way of gathering content for a memoir. I am going to miss this group. What a wonderful experience and a fantastic collection of writers and writing! This feels like the most sacred writing space.”

JACKEE HOLDER, Executive/Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer & Author,

“Cigdem creates a vibrant space for women’s voices in a world that feels increasingly hostile to those voices. With creative and probing prompts and exercises, she encouraged me to open up and explore not only what I believe, but why I believe it. It’s not easy work–her programs are rigorous, but it is necessary work, and in her groups I grew as both a writer and a person.”


“I wake up in the middle of the night, and I check my phone for new writings. I wake up in the morning and read more pieces over my breakfast. I love each and every single contribution I’ve read. I want more. I check my phone through the day, not wanting to miss a word. And the stories that haven’t been shared yet, or written yet, I so hope they see the light of day here…because we are ourselves here, we are our authentic selves.”

SUE SHOBERT JORGENSON, Spiritual Guide, Healer & Writer

“Writing. Stamina. I love this experience. Our writing is becoming a string of stories that paint a much larger picture. The words are flowing and they just won’t stop. Maybe I 
will write that book some day.”

SUE ANN GLEASON, Writer & Business Consultant,

“Cigdem’s writing helped me wake up to the truth of myself. To bravely enter the creative abyss. To know that it is safe to embrace my inner knowing. Her guidance has been the catalyst for me to step onto my true purpose. I cannot thank her enough for her gentle mentorship and patience as I worked through heavy perfectionist energy. Working with Cigdem will bless your life far beyond what I can convey on paper. I highly recommend her work.”

KADENA TATE, Business Strategist & Speaker,

“Two weeks. Only two weeks to change my perspective, my viewpoint, my outlook, my awareness, my attitude, my understanding. Maybe, all of these, in one way or another. Yet, the most powerful part of the two weeks came as a surprise. As I engaged with a commitment to write from a place of truth and honesty, I made a pact with myself that I would attempt to write each day, for and from my own experience, not from the stories that have always been told. The unexpected happened. I was broken open, raw and exposed. I found a welcoming, encouraging, trustworthy and engaged tribe. I don’t consider myself a writer but I do have a story to tell. This writing immersion has been a nudge to venture into an unknown place. Writing has clarified some of the conflicted feelings I have with myself. Deep, deep gratitude for you. For holding my stories, my writing, for holding me with such grace.”

ANNE LARSON BUCK, Artist & Writer

“After participating in Cigdem’s program, my way of thinking about certain challenges and obstacles in my life has shifted. And I’ve developed a new mental approach and attitude to deal with them. This event is an opportunity to put ourselves first for a change.”

LEERAY COSTA, Cultural Anthropologist & Professor

“This writing group has been so powerful—it’s surprised me. I’m eager to complete it, and to go back and read all I’ve missed. Such incredible richness in this group. Thank you.”

VICKY B. WHITE, Writer & Photographer

“I feel inspired and touched by so many beautiful stories shared in this space.”

TANYA MOZIAS SLAVIN, Writer & Essayist,

“I cannot recommend Cigdem’s writing groups highly enough. She is extraordinary. You cannot be anywhere in her sphere of influence without being compelled and propelled into action and transformation. She is winsome and wise; a woman with whom you would be privileged to connect and work; a woman you want to know.”

RONNA DETRICK, Writer & Speaker,

“Cigdem has an amazing gift for inspiring people and bringing them together. With each interaction with her, I come away with an expanded sense of what’s possible and new avenues of thought to travel down.”

SUE MITCHELL, Memoir Facilitator & Creativity Coach

“It is not often that I meet a more magnetic and creative visionary as Cigdem. She has an astounding gift for bringing people together in one singular, laser-focused purpose—to make the world a better place. To know her is an honor, to work with her is a pleasure. She is one of those rare, shining bright lights, illuminating our paths to awakening and transformation.”

JENNY BONES, Writer, Copywriter & Consultant

“You’ll love how this program affects your life. It had a profound effect on me last year. Expect changes!”

BRENDA GAY MOORE, Land Surveyor, Renewable Energy Expert & Craft Artist

“On day one, I already knew that doing the work in your course was going to take me far this year. It’s powerful stuff. It won’t be a one time course. It’s one of the greatest treasures that has come into my life. Thank you Cigdem!”

CHLOE PATTON, Artist & Writer

“Cigdem brings her real, valuable, authentic self to the table and makes a generous contribution to the world at large. Her work demonstrates an incredible commitment to excellence and to making the world a better place.”

TARA RODDEN ROBINSON, Author, Artist & Coach,

“Cigdem is a joy to collaborate with. Not only is she keenly creative and astoundingly organized, she is also a woman of integrity, passion and so much heart.”

JULIE DALEY, Writer, Co-Active Coach & Teacher,

“As a newbie to the online business world, I found this course invaluable to help me clarify my goals, what I want to offer and who my clients are. In addition, I received guidance on all the practicals of website, list building, etc. I am getting clearer on my perfect people… this has been really challenging and important for me. Besides, my website is much clearer, my blog got cleaned up, I am running online courses, which is my biggest win so far. I really appreciate Cigdem’s intelligence and kindness. She has given so much to all of us, I don’t know how she does it! I so appreciate her clarity and pointing us to resources elsewhere. And I most appreciate that I have never once felt a hint of condescension. I also appreciate that she was very present, and support came in a timely way. Working with Cigdem is truly delightful as she always provides practical targeted guidance without talking down to you.”

CINDY LUSK, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide & Writer,

“Cigdem’s course came at a really great time for me. I was beginning to disconnect from my business and what I enjoy doing the most. Cigdem asks the right questions I didn’t know to ask myself. Through her gentle process, I began making lists of what works and doesn’t work. I noticed my energy more‚ and what energizes me and what depletes me. I connected to my business, prospects and clients in an entirely new way after going through the lessons. Self-reflection is a key cornerstone to this program, and I really like giving myself time and permission to do so.”

DEBRA MARRS, Editor & Coach for Writers,

“I have benefited greatly from Cigdem’s courses, delivered with expertise in so many areas of business and straight from the heart. She is sharp, committed, generous, involved and a warm human being dedicated to listening and helping. And she fosters true community, loving and enjoying the process of learning and improving. Her availability to listen to and answer questions is magnanimous. I am now much more comfortable with online relationships as a person who has not grown up in the digital age. I have a broader understanding of how business can be conducted online. She perceives my problems at the core with her intelligence, intuition, and care. She more than fulfills expectations. I am confident that these lessons will deepen my awareness of my business strengths and weaknesses, and take me to my next level.”

KATHLEEN O’BRIEN, Artist & Designer,

“This is such a valuable course! I love Cigdem’s clear, precise, and warmhearted approach. Although her knowledge is vast, she knows how to present it systematically in manageable parts. This isn’t a cookie-cutter approach. She shares bests practices but also helps you find YOUR way. The interactions are very warm-hearted, but there’s also clarity that comes through, which can really help you become unstuck at times. I received focused, expert advice and access to clear advice that fits well for someone who values authenticity and kindness above making money at any cost. The community is very harmonious and generous. There is a wonderful sense of support on a personal level as well.

SANDRA PAWULA, Writer & Meditation Teacher,

“Cigdem offers a unique blend of very powerful business discussions cloaked in an amazingly clear-eyed and kind global view. She is fully present, amazingly available, egalitarian, truthful, funny—with a depth of knowledge and resources that are astounding. I have worked on my new website since January, made it live in April and will open my online shop in a week or two. This course helped me review every nook and cranny of my site in manageable and fun-sized lessons. I have truly enjoyed the discussions, both in giving and getting feedback and the amazing sparks of genius from Cigdem and my fellow participants.

LIZ CRAIN, Ceramic Artist & Designer,

“This class is a combination of being challenged and focussed as well as being opened and encouraged. I’ve been working my way through it all, quietly and thoroughly and in exactly my own way. This is the beauty of Cigdem’s approach to providing support and learning spaces for introverts. She gets us! As an artist and a social entrepreneur I needed a place to think and take stock of everything I am doing, especially online. I am still learning every day and still excited by all the new insights. Thank you Cigdem for continuing to produce creative opportunities for the likes of me living up a windy green lane in Ireland to sink into and enjoy so much!”

CATHERINE DREA, Photographer, Writer & Social Entrepreneur,

“Cigdem is the bees-knees of project design and implementation. She’s biz savvy, super creative and makes commerce-chat fun and compelling. I adore her work, empowering women to live their most fulfilling life and getting paid to do what they love!”

ANGELA MAXWELL, Adventuress & Traveling Writer,

“What I love about this course is that I have begun to feel less intimidated by my website and have become willing to embrace it as an art form. It has become clear to me that while I am prolific when creating, what’s the point if I am not equally engaged in marketing. And the only way I can do that is to enjoy it as part of my art. Cigdem has vision. She takes time to understand you and your business. She advises you in a way that is suited to you. Working with her is like having the perfect, committed listener who wants to understand my perspective. I now feel more professional and ready to take my business to the next level. People also take me more seriously now because of how I present myself and my business on my website. I appreciate all that Cigdem does and her commitment to empowering other women.”

LAVERNE ZABIELSKI, Writer, Artist & Wearable Art Designer,

“I have been finally able to narrow down my audience! I feel positive about my target now and see that the focus will help me move forward. The clarity I’ve developed is the biggest win. I also enjoyed having a safe place to explore business ideas without all the hype! I’ve stopped seeking so many shiny pennies. I know that what I get from Cigdem is solid. The program is not fluffy, it is concrete information. It is not a waste of time or money which, sadly, I think a lot of programs are.”

LORAN HILLS, Nature Photographer & Writer,  

“Cigdem’s firm yet gentle guidance during this class pushed me to find time I didn’t think I had, make leaps I didn’t think were possible, and enjoy types of work I used to dread. The daily reading, activity, and feedback are perfect in length and subject. The communal atmosphere is delightful!”

SUSAN BLOCH, Glass Artist, 

“Cigdem’s writing community provides a safe space to share my writing. I like reading the various ways other writers respond to the same writing material. The prompts force me to think about the every day and how it relates to bigger issues, my past, and my vision for the future. The writing groups add rigor to my writing practice. They provide an opportunity to create a particular body of work. I have also lately begun to collect the writing I do to self-publish it.”

LAVERNE ZABIELSKI, Writer, Artist & Wearable Art Designer,

“Cigdem’s writing community has offered me a welcoming, safe, supportive space to be seen and heard, and the biggest benefit is confidence in myself as a writer. The support and feedback feel authentic, never superficial. I also enjoy the continuity and close bonds with the other members. I recommend this community to any woman who is looking for a circle of support for her writing. It offers the opportunity to be part of a community; a respectful, caring, honest, and intimate circle. If you are mid-life and introspective, and if you want to develop or deepen your writing practice, you’ll benefit the most.”

MELINDA COPPOLA, Poet, Artist & Yoga Teacher,

“These writing groups provide a huge opening to explore and navigate my own thoughts and then create from them. Cigdem’s stories never fail to start a little tornado, a good tornado, of muses and reflections, forming the words that eventually get put down. At times I write off the top of my head, unedited, and other times, it takes some thought and framing before I write. I love it all and that it happens in community rather than solitary space makes it all the richer an experience. There is beautiful authenticity and vulnerability that come through in the words of other members. I feel increased confidence in my writing by the responses I receive. I also see myself more clearly through my responses to the writing of others. I have noticed that it is often not so much about the writing as the person. I can imagine that in some ways it is the combination of the weekly activities that sets this group apart from others… writing, individual voices and life coming together so beautifully.”

DAWN SULLY PILE, Co-Active Coach, Speaker, Author & Seminal Leader,

“I can’t say enough about the wonderful writing here, but I’d like take just one minute to add: I’ve put myself out there in a few of my pieces here, revealing pieces of me that are less than flattering… and I am deeply moved by the support and encouragement in this group. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating and maintaining this environment.”

MARGARET KEEN KEATING, Poet & Executive Assistant/Associate Director Of Volunteerism

“Being part of this group is just filling and emptying me simultaneously. I’ve never found such an accepting space to write the truth in. Me and I had a morning blether—me said ‘this is unlike anything I’ve ever done’ and I replied ‘it’s by far the best thing you’ve ever done.’ I’ve been telling everyone just how amazing and wonderful and inspiring and gutting and everything this is. I’ve never written such raw and open stories before. Thank you Cigdem for such a trusting place to explore.”

JACKIE ROBERTS, NLP Practitioner, Coach & Radio Host

“These essays and prompts have taken me so much deeper than I foresaw, much is churning within, and it is timely. I have been writing privately and hope to have time to share here—there is much to be gained by sharing. I love coming here to answer the questions. They often give me a different perspective. Thank you!”

MARY ELIZABETH McCONNELL, Well-Being Therapist & Energy Healer,

“I have been thrilled by the chance to experience this whole different way of thinking about writing. Deeply personal, evocative and inspiring. Thank you for the experience of the daily prompts and inspiration. The whole course has been so beautiful in its structure and detail. Thank you for the richness of your unique creativity and care.”

CATHERINE DREA, Photographer, Writer & Social Entrepreneur,

“Can I just say how much I am loving this group? It has come along at a time when I should have said no to adding one more thing to my overflowing plate, but I am so, so grateful I said yes. I needed this. And I am more grateful for the honesty, courage, openness and acceptance of everyone here. And wow—the writing is impressive and inspiring. Thank you.”


“Taking the time to read, reflect and write on a personal level, yet being a part of a larger group of women has been amazing! The topics and questions are great as always!”


“This course provides a strong structure, a container for personal inquiry at a deep soul level. Writing and journaling using this unique program have revealed another layer of the path of becoming whole. I have a new understanding of the facets of my personality and soul. This has allowed me to align the inside and outside, the introvert and extrovert, the personal and public, in a whole new way. The biggest benefit of this course is the realization that everything I am and do in my life is a function of my process of evolution; longing to belong and contribute. Externally this manifests in my art business and calling as a healer, by authentically expressing my core principles. I recommend this to anyone on a path of integration who wants to treat themselves to deep self-caring.”

KATHLEEN O’BRIEN, Artist & Designer,

“I am experiencing an inner calm that I haven’t felt all year. It was a thoughtful and insightful look inward as the year drew to a close, a respite during the sometimes chaotic holiday season, a way to reflect on positives, negatives, and forward movement.”

APRIL M.LEE, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach,

“This community is the safest place I can imagine. It’s where I can practice my writing laps, and wow—your writings inspire me so much. Everyone is so talented here, the poetry that is written makes my heart sing and everyone is so real and truthful. You all inspire me to show up, to be present. Sometimes I feel a little insecure writing in a language that is not my mother tongue, but you are all so loving and kind that fears melt away like snow on a sunny day. The weekly prompts really help me focus on what is important to me. The atmosphere of the community is open and one in which it feels like everyone can breathe freely as a writer. It is one of the generosity of responses to writers and significant encouragement. It is one of humor and openness. It is one where all voices are welcome and where myriad voices are heard. Interactions are kind, perceptive, extremely articulate and also thought-provoking. I sometimes see my writing in new ways, different from my own perspectives. I love that. Comments often wake me up to a new or extended idea.”

EMMY VAN SWAAIJ, Author & Researcher

“My heart is leaping out of my chest, Cigdem! This is so amazing for my logical brain and I can play so well with my creativity/writing with this framework. Thanks for this.”

AARATHI SELVAN, Clinical Psychologist, Teacher & Mindfulness Guide,

“Cracked open the module for Week 3 this morning and loved listening to the audio meditation. It has me thinking about the women that have shaped my life… This stuff emerges gently, it is not a quick answer. I like that nuggets drift into my mind randomly. I am really enjoying the course. Thank you Cigdem.”

ZIVANA ANDERSON, Marketing Consultant & Career Coach (Martha Beck),

“Women often go through life just ‘faking’ it or trying to get through a day to get to the other side never really knowing who we are, let alone why we are here or what we are to learn. My life has never been more meaningful than when I participated in your writing course. It gave me ‘permission’ to go inside without feeling selfish or narcissistic.”

NANCY DADAMI, Feng Shui Practitioner, Coach & Speaker,

“Taking Cigdem’s classes is such an amazing self-care practice!”

LISA FAULKNER, Public Health Expert, Writer & Dancer

“I have been able to increase my income while decreasing travel and other stressful projects. I am so happy about everything I’ve learned and how my business is shaping up. My business is getting much more focused on the things I love most and I am getting my offerings in line with my passions and values. I enjoy so much stress-free productivity now!”

DONNA DRUCHUNAS, Knitwear Designer, Writer & Teacher,

“Thank you for this amazing class. I am seriously impressed by the quality and depth of it. A strong introvert, I felt validated and understood when going through this course. This class gave me so much hope that I could create a sustainable business and a life that would honor who I am as an introvert and a person needing more calm and quiet to be healthy and happy. Thank you again, Cigdem.”

KRISTA O’REILLY DAVI-DIGU, Holistic Nutritional Consultant,

“Cigdem always has thoughtful and extremely practical answers. I am amazed by her breadth and depth of knowledge and wisdom around running a meaningful business. I really appreciated the slow and considered intake, which stops things feeling overwhelming, which is definitely something I’ve experienced in other types of groups. I loved the collaborative way we decided how to share things. There was no bombardment of advertising which means that our group chats were really meaningful and had a depth you might not expect online. The camaraderie and feeling of belonging was, hands down, the biggest win. I met and got to know some inspiring, kind and lovely women, and really enjoyed how we rallied to support and share knowledge and wisdom with each other. I collaborated with other members, which has brought more people to my work. I learned things about business that have helped me streamline and develop what I’m doing. And more indirectly the confidence I’ve gained from knowing I have this support system has made it easier to take the sometimes scary steps I need to take to keep moving forward in my work.”

TARA LEAVER, Author, Artist & Creativity Guide,

“Cigdem’s organization and presentation of information go far to ensuring I can follow and implement successfully, as well as prompting some inspired and creative solutions formed on a solid structure. The additional input and support from both Cigdem and fellow course participants is, as always, the top perk.”

COL MITCHELL, Paper Artist,

“I’m really appreciating all the calm wisdom, advice and tips embedded in this course. The pace is good—each lesson is in a ‘bite-sized chunk’ and doesn’t feel too overwhelming. I enjoy the reassurance of knowing that all the important aspects of my website are being addressed, and I’m looking forward to having more of a feeling of ‘I’ve got it covered’ rather than having a niggling back-of-my-mind anxiety that there’s probably something obvious that I should have on my site but don’t!”

EMMA CAMERON, Integrative Psychotherapist & Artist,

“This class is like a Good Mother. Very nurturing and puts in the center the ‘YOU’ (the entrepreneur). Not the money, not the achievements, not even helping others, but the YOU. The ME. MY needs. I am really enjoying this. You are very much appreciated.”

MONICKA CLIO SAKKI, Artist, Writer & Creativity Mentor,

“What made the group unique was the diversity, authenticity, and creativity of the participants. Also that there was a willingness to explore the ‘road less traveled’ and to wander from the tried and true and prescribed path. Cigdem’s presence within the group was amazing!!! She put so much effort and thought in responding to everyone’s questions and problems and she was incredibly generous with her time. I’ve often wondered how she found time to take care of all of us. Working with Cigdem has changed how I’ve viewed my business. She has a gift of intuition, seeing thru all of the crap to the heart and truth of it all. I’ve found the guidance and advice she has shared with me to be invaluable. She has such a gift for teaching. I’ve learned so much. I would describe working with her and her presence as indescribable. No words!”

MARCIE SCUDDER, Photographer, Writer & Yoga Guide,

“This has to be one of the best online courses available. Cigdem’s extensive knowledge and calm reassurance help you open up to the possibilities of what you are capable of achieving in your life and creative business, and she guides you through at your own pace.”

ANN BROSNAN, Writer & Coach

"One simple thing, one small step! I love this course. It was exactly what I needed. It was rich and insightful, but manageable! Time to focus on a different perspective of my business. Thank you so much Cigdem. Your insight and wisdom is a gift to me. I feel so nurtured and understood."

TERRI JACKSON, Writer & Photographer,  

“Cigdem has built a wonderful community for (introverted) women writers, creators, and solopreneurs. As well as lively and supportive discussions amongst members, Cigdem is a beacon of wise business advice and information who truly understands what it means to run a sustainable and successful heart-centred business. During the time I worked with her and spent time in the community, I’ve not only learned a lot about growing a business but I’ve also made valuable friends and connections, and had many opportunities to collaborate with fellow members. Thanks, Cigdem!”

HANNAH BRAIME, Author & Journaling Teacher,  

“This class is great! I wish I had it a long time ago to prevent unnecessary headaches. The class has many details that were not provided in past training classes from other experts. Cigdem was very present and prompt. I was surprised by the level of her involvement. Kudos!

CHELSEA HANSON, Entrepreneur, Author & Business Advisor,